The Second Brain: How Our Stomachs Control Our Thoughts and Feelings


What if human beings have not one, but two brains? Most of us have a vague awareness of the link between our emotions and our bellies. You've probably heard someone say "I've got butterflies in my stomach," or, "I've got a gut feeling about this." These may just be turns-of-phrase, but we're beginning to see how scientifically accurate these colloquialisms really are.

Biochemistry is showing us that the state of our stomachs is directly connected to our thoughts and emotions. We're not just talking about that "hangry" feeling we all get when we haven't had a proper meal in hours. We're talking about the full range of human feeling.

Believe it or not, 90% of serotonin, the "happiness chemical", is produced within the human stomach. Only 10% of serotonin is created in our brains! So, Whenever you're feeling a little bit blue, it might be helpful to ask yourself "what have I been feeding my second brain?"

And that's just one of many scientific facts that Ruairi Robertson is citing as proof that the belly is like a "second brain."  Ruairi is a microbiologist, nutritionist, and neuroscientist. His Harvard education has led him deep into the inner workings of the intricate connections between our bellies and brains, a subject that most scientists have yet to completely understand.

Check out Ruairi's funny and fascinating Ted Talk below!

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