How Being in Awe Makes You A Better Person (video)

"Every time you have an 'awe experience' you're left with residual feelings of well-being, altruism, and compassion. So blowing your own mind with inspiration makes you a nicer person." -Jason Silva

If you've seen the CBS show Brain Games, you're no stranger to philosopher and filmmaker Jason Silva's almost overwhelming passion and enthusiasm. Well, buckle up, because in his YouTube series entitle Shots of Awe, Jason takes us on an invigorating exploration of how the state of being in awe effects our minds and spirits. Jason eloquently sums up the series in an interview with CBS:

The most viewed episode, entitled "Existential Bummer", deals with the transience of life and the bittersweet nature of the human experience. Watch the full episode below and let us know what you think!

Author: Nate Morgan