Remember The Apartment in the Mary Tyler Moore Show? Here's How it Epitomized Single-Woman Chic

As we remember the great Mary Tyler Moore and her legacy, one theme that has come up a lot is how her career-driven character blazed a trail for many incredible actresses to follow behind her. Her single-lady apartment on the show served as the ultimate sign of independence. So to honor and remember this great woman and the significance she had for many leading ladies to come, we're sharing some photos of her eclectic apartment that captured the essence of single woman chic in the 1970s. 

Knock, knock! Who doesn't love that wall-to-wall shag carpeting!? 

I could certainly go for a stove/fireplace like that in my apartment! Love it!

It doesn't get much more period than this - mustard yellows, browns, oranges an beiges... Oh the seventies. 

I totally want that mid-century modern side table and lamp next to the tulip chair... 

Her kitchen is by far my favorite part of her whole apartment. It makes such an efficient use of space and can be blocked off from the rest of the apartment when needed. Or, if you're hosting, why not have a bar that people can stand or sit at?

Author: Rajmani Sinclair