I Always Thought the "Free Hugs" Thing Was Creepy, Until I Saw This Emotional Video

If you are one of the many who've seen folks holding "free hugs" signs, there's a pretty good chance you walked by them without giving them any real consideration. Perhaps you thought "Hey, It's a busy world and a busy life, and I can't stop for every friendly looking sign toter." Or maybe, like me, you thought "that's just straight up creepy." But one thing is sure; the power of positive human-to-human contact has far reaching implications, especially between strangers. Many of us tend to walk around in a state of contraction and mistrust, even if we are open and loving with our friends and families. In urban centers across the globe, it has become so easy to go throughout our days amongst thousands of people, without ever connecting to a single one. And in this age of social media and technological convenience, human touch is becoming more seldom and much more necessary. Now, watch how just one hug from a stranger can brighten someone's day:

Personally, I'm so inspired by this video that I want to give a big hug to everyone! The Free Hugs Campaign is a great way to connect people to a fundamental sense of love, with the reminder that you don't have to know someone to have a meaningful connection with them. 

Author: Nate Morgan