A Man Who Lived to be 114 Credited His Health and Long Life to These 5 Foods

Human longevity has always been a subject of mystery and conjecture. What makes a person live well into their hundreds? Is it genes? Is it exercise? Is there some fountain of youth out there? Or is it just plain luck? 

Well, Bernando LaPallo has some secrets to share with you. Born in 1901, Bernando passed away last year in his home state of Arizona at the staggering age of 114. During his many years on this planet, he traveled the world extensively and saw many of the century's major innovations, that we perhaps take for granted, come into existence.

But how did LaPallo achieve his incredible lifespan? In short, by maintaining a strict diet (inherited from his father, who was a doctor), keeping a sharp mind by reading and solving crosswords, and, in his words, "living the good life." 

Most importantly, Bernando stressed the important role healthy eating played in his lengthy vitality: Organic foods only, plenty of fruits and veggies, and a disciplined avoidance of red meat, to name a few. 

But there are 5 foods he just couldn't live without, and he cited them as the source of his youthful disposition and impressive lifespan. Some of them may surprise you!

Watch the video below to find out what they are. 

Bernando's legacy includes a book entitled "Beyond 100: How to Live Well Into your Second Century", recipes, family and friends that loved him dearly, and of course, a healthy serving of inspiration. Learn more about LaPallo's astounding life on his Facebook page or on his website: AgeLessLiveMoreStore.com

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Author: Nate Morgan