The 12 Best Animated Props for Your Halloween Haunt

Halloween season is finally here!! And to get you into the spirit, we've compiled a list of the top spooky props found on Amazon. Whether you're turning your home into a haunted house in an all-out Halloween extravaganza, or simply wanting to give the local trick-or-treaters the willies, these frightening gadgets are the perfect way to scare the socks off of anyone who dares to approach your home. *Cue evil laugh*

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Talking Eye Doorbell

What's better then a spooky old doorbell? A spooky old doorbell that opens one ghoulish, green eye that moves around while making creepy sounds and talking in scary phrases! Requires 3 AA batteries, not included. See this product here.

Haunted Doll

This sound activated, haunted doll will send your guests screaming into the next room! With phrases like "come play with me," and "I'm watching you," this little monster will turn any space into a living nightmare. The doll also has a press activation option, and 2 AA batteries are included. Product available here.

Pumpkin Monster

We had to include this guy even though he is not an animated prop. But that doesn't mean he isn't absolutely terrifying! At a whopping 12 feet tall, this well-reviewed hanging prop depicts a mutant pumpkin wrapped in shredded, gauzy clothing. Perfect to send chills down the spines of visitors or passersby. Product available here.

Zombie in Fog

This grisly zombie looks as if he's pulling himself out of the ground to stalk the living and feed on human flesh! His hand-painted head turns chillingly from side-to-side, and, if you have a fog machine, you can hook up this zombie's 3ft long connector and hose attachment onto any standard 400w, 700w, and 1000w fog machine. Just imagine seeing this ugly guy spewing fog everywhere! Make sure to stuff the sleeves of the shirt with crumpled newspaper to give the prop a more realistic look. See this product here

Floating Phantom

This spine chilling, 72-inch specter features light-up eyes, posable arms, and motion-sensor sound activation! Watch with glee as your unsuspecting guests walk by the spirit and jump with fright at the sound of its horrible moaning. Requires AA batteries. Product available here.

Haunted Mirror

At first, it just looks like a creepy, antique mirror. But when activated by its motion sensor, this ghostly portal unleashes a demonic skull that torments the viewer, saying things like: "I'm coming to get you....RUN while you can!" and "Let me out! Let me out!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh." This product comes complete with 3 AA batteries. Available here.

Evil Clown

As if a life-size evil clown wasn't scary enough, this one rotates at the waist, moves its arms and swings its terrible head! That's not all; the spring-loaded jaw opens and closes, making it look like the clown is cackling with demented glee. Assembly required. See product here.

Dark Magic Book

When activated by motion or sound, this mystical tome slowly opens, revealing the illuminated incantations within. A witchy voice says one of these phrases when activated: 

"Double, double, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble!" 
"Round about the cauldron go, in the poisoned entrails throw! Sweltered venom, sleeping got, boil though first in the charmed pot! Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!"
"Ah, I see my next ingredient has arrived! With you, my spell no longer deprived! Just a morsel I will take, in the cauldron boil and bake, your youth and flesh, the only price - to ensure me of eternal life! Ah-hah-ha-ha-ha-ha!"
"Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-hah! Another foolish child dares to trespass on this wicked place? Here now a spell to remove that smile from your pretty face! Hoggles and haggerdash, and eyes of a crow - all powers are mine now, and all that you know! Ha-ha-ha!" 

The book then slowly closes and awaits its next victim. This product requires 3 AA batteries and can be opened manually. See here.

Cocoon Corpse

Poor guy. He clearly wondered onto your premises without knowing about the giant deadly spider that lives there. Now he's just a lifeless husk wrapped in poisonous webbing and hanging from your porch. Beware! At 72 inches, this prop is not animatronic, but we added it to the list anyway based on user reviews and how totally grotesque it looks. Find this product here.

Spell-Casting Witch

Measuring 5'8" tall, this spell-casting witch has glowing eyes, a moving mouth, and a book of spells that glows green, illuminating the hag's freaky face. She'll spook your socks off as she turns from side-to-side at the waist and casts one of 3 spells on you. The infrared sensor works up to 6.5' feet away in all lighting conditions. This item includes volume control, and some assembly is required. Available here.

Lurching Werewolf

This ferocious werewolf is sure to scare even thick-skinned guests. At 72" tall, he creepily moves his head from side to side and, when you're least expecting it, he lunges forward at you, raising his arms to grab you. Then, he tilts his head back and howls at the moon. This prop also features light-up eyes and a spooky soundtrack that will effectively set the scene in any haunted house. See product here.

Malevolent Mommy

User approved and well-reviewed, this rocking chair mommy is anything but lovable. When her sensor is activated, she'll begin to rock back and forth, whisper to her baby and sing haunting lullabies. Available here.

Author: Nate Morgan