10 Epic Halloween Makeup Ideas. Which one is your favorite?

At I Love Halloween, we have seen our fair share of wonderful and creative Halloween makeup ideas. Here are some of the highlights we have seen over the years from friends, followers of our page, and other Halloween lovers. Enjoy! 

1. Sally!

Most excellent Sally image courtesy of MadeULook by Lex. Check out her YouTube channel for tutorials: www.youtube.com/madeyewlook

2. Pumpkin Queen


Elegant darkness from MadeULook by Lex. Check out her YouTube channel for tutorials: www.youtube.com/madeyewlook. Photo by Seoirse Brennan, licensed from 500px

3. I Have My Eye on You!

Amazing Work by Tal Peleg Art of Makeup

4. Cheshire Kitty

So creepy and creative!  This cheshire cat is from Archaical.

5. Billy- Jigsaw's Doll

Want to play a game? 

6. Want to cuddle?

What a cute and cuddly clown! Makeup by Jenni Mennes.  This was the winner for makeup category for the I Love Halloween contest held in 2011. 

7. Skull

Shared by our friend Mandy Gibson. You can follow here: http://instagram.com/krazy507

8. Classic Vampire

We love this classic and so very creepy vampire! Makeup and photo created by Mariska Hatalay from the UK. 


9. The Banshee

 Scared? You can blame Artisie Fartsie Facepint for this freaky masterpiece. 

10. Bride of Frankenstein

This is not a black and white image!  This look was painted completely in grayscale, created by MadeULook by Lex. You can check out her tutorials here: www.youtube.com/madeyewlook

Author: Nate Morgan