The Top 10 Safest Airlines to Travel With. #1 Will Surprise You!

When it comes to travel, not all airlines are created equal. And while some of us only have a destination in mind as we pack our bags and book the tickets, many of us are becoming more concerned with quality, safe air travel. Thanks to's annual list of safest airlines, nervous fliers can find firm footing in the sky. So, whether you're trying to escape the cold of winter, or you just love to travel in general, here's this year's list of top 10 safest airlines.

10. Lufthansa


Willkommen! Europe's largest airline company has maintained a low-incident record for years, earning it a spot on the safest airlines list for yet another year. Plus, their business class menus ain't too shabby!   

9. Emirates


The first airline to offer on-board showers to first class passengers, Emirates is known for it's luxurious in-flight service as well as its safety.  

8. United Airlines


United Airlines is one of two U.S. carriers to make this top 10 safest airline list, and has maintained a low-incident record for years.   

7. Virgin Australia


Originally introduced as a budget airline in 1999, Virgin Australia's clean operational history, low-incident record and operational excellence has earned it a spot on this year's list. 

6. Eva Air


With a full 7 out of 7 star safety rating, Taiwan's Eva Air has very low-fatality ratings compared to other airlines.

5. Air New Zealand


In's 2015 Airline Excellence Awards, Air NZ was name carrier of the year, being praised as the #1 "industry trendsetter." We also think it's awesome that they rep The Hobbit on some of their planes! 

4. Singapore Airlines 


Regularly featured on the annual flight safety list, Singapore Airlines is also known for its acclaimed in-flight services. Some of their planes even feature private suites!

3. KLM


Believe it or not, KLM (or Royal Dutch Airlines) is the world's oldest airline! Founded it 1919, it is viewed as one of Europe's safest carriers to this day. The Amsterdam based network assists about 20 million passengers each year. 

2. American Airlines


AA is one of just three U.S. airlines to earn a full seven-star safety rating from It is also one of the largest airlines in the world. 

1. Qantas


All hail Qantas! - The safest airline of 2016 according to Holding first place for the past 3 years, this Australian airline apparently has an "extraordinary record," with no recorded fatalities in all the years it has existed. 

So, did your next flight make the cut? Let us know in the comment section below. Happy traveling!

Author: Nate Morgan