How to Make Bone Chilling Skeleton & Skull Nail Art

If you're as obsessed with skulls and skeletons as we are you'll get a kick out of these unique nail art ideas. Go ahead and try out a few, It'll be good practice for the Halloween season! 

Enjoy, and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

1. Calaveras

Thanks to the talented Alessandra Santri, calaveras (or Mexican Sugar Skulls) can glam up your hands with some real Day of the Dead realness. Watch the tutorial below for some step by step guidance in achieving this festive look. 


2. Skulls & Bones Negative Space

For a more subdued but très classy look, follow the oh so creative Jaunty Juli's skull & bones tutorial. We love that little metallic touch!   

3. Skull 101


This one's for those gals (or guys!) who are always running out of the house, without the necessary time for more involved skull claws. Sometimes you just need a shortcut, no shame!

4. Skeletons!

This is definitely one of the most creative and spooktacular nail art ideas out there. Thanks to Naio Nails for this one!

5. Punk Rock


You mean you're going to the concert WITHOUT your punk skull nails on? Girl, sit down and take a page out of Sarah's nail art book. This design is perfect for the rocker inside all of us. 

6. Skulls & Roses (Pour L'Artiste)

This is the ultimate macabre manicure tutorial is for the extra patient, more artistically inclined nail art enthusiast. Hats off to Robin Moses for all of her truly impressive designs! 

7. Pirate Ship


Yaaarrrrr!!! Even though this design by Margaret Dinwiddie only has one skull on it, we had to include it due to its sheer cuteness. Have fun with this one!

8. Cute White Skulls

Nail art pro Lexi Martone takes a break from her fabulously complex designs to serve up this more simplistic look. Lovin' these cute little skulls against the beige backdrop!

9. Classic Skulls

Major props to Celine Does Nails for this creepy yet classic look!

10. Playful skulls


Sometimes you just gotta lighten the mood. Rina Alcantara does exactly that with this whimsical skull art. She'll tell you everything you need to know about this delicious design here.

11. Neon Skulls

Introducing yet another expert mani from the unstoppable Robin Moses! Ideal for your nightly cemetery haunt or spooky dance party, these babies will glow in the dark and probably impress the socks off of all your friends. Enjoy!

12. The Boneyard  


Simple yet effective, this macabre vision from Polish Rainbow will give your paws an ossuary-esque vibe to spook your friends and fam.