18 Amazing Halloween Makeup Tutorials to Try

Check out these awesome makeup tutorials and give them a try for yourself! You'll surely have the best makeup at any Halloween party this season! 

1. Creepy/Cute Skeleton

This one is awesome! A perfect mixture of scary and glamorous! 

2. Snow White

A beautiful take on a classic Disney princess. 

3. The Joker

Such a creepy and amazing makeup job! Try this one out for sure. 

4. The Corpse Bride

This one is so creative! Love how they did the eyes. 

5. Exposed Muscle Face

Awesome paint job! Love the cool contact lense with this one too. 

6. Natalie Portman's Black Swan

Such a creative look from such a cool movie! 

7. A Pop Art Masterpiece

This one is amazing and doesn't look too difficult! 

8. Davy Jones

Barnacles! This one is incredible! 

9. Sugar Skull

This one is great for the "Day of the Dead" kind of look. 

10. Edward Scissorhands

This one is perfect for males or females! 

11. Lady Gaga in "Bad Romance" Music Video

Everyone remembers this! This would be super cool. 

12. Jareth the Goblin King

You could do a lot with this makeup AND design your own mask! 

13. X-Men's Mystique

Hope you have a lot of blue body makeup for this one! 

14. Ursula from "The Little Mermaid"

Everyone's favorite Sea Witch! 

15. Harley Quinn

For that creepy carnival look. 

16. 3D Stretched Lips

This one is so cool! Takes a very skilled artist to pull this one off flawlessly. 

17. Jack Skellington

Everyone loves this movie! You'd be the life of any Halloween party with this look. 

18. Face in a Face

You might want to get a friend to help you on this one! 

Which is your favorite? Let us know!