Here's What Samsung Thinks the World Will Look Like in 100 Years. Do You Agree?

According to a report commissioned by Samsung, life will resemble a shiny, science fiction dreamscape within the next century or so. While some of the predictions may seem outlandish, just think how unearthly flat screen televisions would seem to someone from the early 1800s!

Other conjectures made by Samsung's future living report seem more limiting and predictable- especially the bit about traveling the "air ways." Given the exponential growth of technology, we may be traveling in ways completely inconceivable to today's minds. 

We'd also be interested to see more about what our natural resources will look like in 100 years, if they still exist at all!

Take a look at the short video, and let us know what you think in the comment section below.


Which is your favorite prediction? (We love the underwater city idea!)

Author: Nate Morgan