Beyond Clean: 14 Showers To Refresh All Your Senses (+ 2 Halloween bonus shockers)

There are few pleasures as transformative as a nice hot shower. It's the most efficient way to get clean and recharge your batteries - both physically and mentally. And then there are those who take these pleasures to a whole other level by raising the aesthetic. We're talking luxury to the nth degree!

Check out these amazing showers and see if just looking at them doesn't change your perspective. 

1. Elegant and Powerful: clean by cross sections with dual jet streams.

2. Antechamber to the Galaxy: a little bit disco, a little bit otherworldly, this shower seems too magical not to share... a some moonlight madness anyone?

3. The Best of Both Worlds:  the latest in luxe bath design meets the best of the natural world in this "return to nature/shower bath.

open air watefall.jpg

4. Nature Reinterpreted: get your Zen on  with the outdoor magic of water and greenery without the pesky elements.

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5. Bathe in Gold: escape to the mosaic luxury of this spa shower.

6. Penguin Shower Party: humans are the only ones to be inspired by a perfect shower!

7. The power of the shower x... many many jets.

8. Outdoor Shower Haven: Back to nature... sort of.

9. Space Odyssey: the shower version.

10. Shower Bed: Now all you need is your waterproof Kindle.

cross currents.jpg

11. Cross-streams without being at cross-purposes: and all shall be clean!

12. Heat Sensor Magic: remember mood rings? these tiles take that concept to a different dimension and color your world.

13. Princess Shower Power: when you need to sparkle again.

14. Sheet clean: a whole new kind of shower curtain.

And now for the halloween bonuses to shock you into cleaning up!

Halloween Bonus #2: What would you caption this? 

Text by Lila Galindo

Source: H/T: Aplus