Old Bra Lost Its Appeal? We've Got Your Back!

Every woman has one.  That bra in the far corner of the underwear drawer.  The one you never wear anymore but can't seem to toss out because it's still in decent shape.  It hides behind the cute panties and the lacy Victoria's Secret, huddling beside the atrocious holiday socks you get from Aunt Marge every year.

But no more!  Pull that neglected piece of lingerie out of the shadows, because we have a DIY project that will breathe new life into those strappy cups.  For this simple transformation, all you need are a pair of scissors, some straight pins, and needle and thread.  The outcome?  A backless bra, perfect for those party dresses that need a little secret support.

This short tutorial will walk you through the details:

DIY and upcycling projects are on the rise, which both cuts down on consumer waste and gives a boost to slim budgets.  Tell us about your favorite transformation creation in the comments!

Author: Justin Haley Philips