Bernie Sanders did a cameo appearance on SNL and it was hilarious. (Video)

In this parody echoing the 'Titanic' movie ending, Larry David and Bernie Sanders are in a distressed ship headed to America, arguing over who gets into lifeboats first during a storm. Sanders' character, Bernie Sanderswitzky, rails against Larry David's character when he tries to get preferential treatment because he's rich. "I'm so sick of the 1 percent getting this preferential treatment," Sanders says, alluding to one of his central campaign messages. David says that all sounds like socialism. Sanders corrects David, and replies, "Democratic socialism."

In the bit, Sanders' character also made light of his Jewish heritage, joking that he'd change his last name, Sanderswitzky, when he gets to America, "so it doesn't sound so Jewish."

Who else is a fan of SNL?