Why Sea Slugs Are Japan's New Cute Animal Obsession

In case you weren't aware, Japan’s twittersphere is now abuzz with hundreds of pictures of sea slugs. But not just any sea slug, oh no. Specifically, the species currently in vogue is called Jorunna Parva, and it is, we'll admit, surprisingly adorable. These squishy cuties look like fluffy underwater bunnies. See for yourself!

Their so-called "bunny ears" are actually called rhinophores; scent and taste detectors that help sea slugs perceive chemicals in the water, stay close to food sources, find mates, and make their way across the ocean floor. Jorunna Parva can be found off the shores of the Philippines, Tanzania, Papua New Guinea, the Seychelles, Reunión, and their biggest fan, Japan!

What do you think about these little wonders? Don't you just want to poke them?...

Definitely don't do that though.

Author: Nate Morgan