6 Ways To Make You Smile: The Yoga of Laughter

An important part of any yoga practice is the ability to laugh. When our practice becomes overly intense by focusing on achieving goals at the expense of lightheartedness, chances are we're not having fun (nor are those around us!). We also become more prone to injury.

So, take a break to visit the lighter side of things - let these silly gifs and pics inspire a chuckle or two!

Please share your own favorites  - whether an image or a tip from your own experience in the comment section below. 

- Lila Galindo


#1: This is how kittens do "cat-cow."


#2: Simple instructions for complex postures.

#3: My Master the Dog

Now we know why so many yoga poses are named after animals!

#4: Best Headstand Prep... Ever!

Too cute not to include! Not to mention that kitty's form is impeccable and models the attitude of humility this posture can invoke.

#5: Are yogis roommates from hell?!!

Not sure what this says for this guy's yogic cultivation of the space around him - does he know that his legs extend back that far?

#6: Sweet Sunday Flow

We leave you with this flow from lilayogaom's youtube channel. We love how easefully she and her kitty share a mat.