The "Nurse" Cat Who Comforts Shelter Animals

Meet Rademenes the "nurse cat." He may look like your run-of-the-mill feline, but he is actually quite special.

He lives in a Polish animal shelter, where he is known for his unique task of comforting sick, injured and post-op animals. The survivor of a serious illness himself, Rademenes has the intuitive ability to sense which animals are the most in need. 

He cuddles, spoons, massages and grooms the weak shelter animals, apparently focusing on cats and dogs with the gravest injuries.


He is the shelter's own personal mascot, where he is known as "little nurse." He is not just treated like any old cat; he is regarded with the same respect as an essential staff member. As he should be! 

Isn't he the sweetest lil nurse in the world? See more pictures of Rademenes on the job at Imgur