Mark Hamill Skipped a Major Star Wars Cast Appearance with Graham Norton To Do This Instead.

Star Wars actor Mark Hamill is officially an awesome guy.  Recently Mark turned down an appearance with the rest of the cast of Star Wars to the Graham Norton show, to visit instead sick kids at a British hospital.

The actor, who portrays Luke Skywalker in the films, posted an image from the visit to his Twitter account.

    It shows a young boy he identifies as "Oscar" listening to his heart with a toy stethoscope.

    "Thanks for the check-up, Oscar," Hamill wrote.

     Hamill told The Independent newspaper: "Star Wars movies are meant to be a couple of hours of diversion from reality, and we need that," the newspaper quoted him as saying. "They are optimistic and hopeful stories."

    But, he said, such things are "very trivial," compared with bringing comfort to ailing kids.

    The hospital's staff thanked Hamill in a tweet: "Thanks so much for coming to visit our patients Mark - everyone absolutely loved it :)"

    As could be expected, Hamill's fans also adored the move.

    "This made my eyes water this honestly is so sweet," one Twitter user said

    Hamill is not stranger to doing good.  Earlier in the month he did a campaign with Omaze to raise money for various charities.  To promote it he did the video below donning a state troopers outfit and surprised people while posing for pictures with them.

    Who else is a fan of Mark!