A Nasa Probe Just Sent Back Breathtaking Photos of Jupiter. See Them Here!

Nasa's $1 billion Juno probe took some stunning images of the planet Jupiter during a high-speed flyby, and the photographs are nothing short of breathtaking!

Check them out below:


Juno's flyby started over the gas giant's north pole. As you can see, the spacecraft was able to capture stunning, high-definition photos of the planet's massive clouds.


When it reaches its closest proximity to Jupiter during a flyby, Juno briefly becomes the fastest manmade object to travel the solar system, achieving speeds over 130,000 miles per hour!


The gas giant is known for it's thick clouds and mammoth storms, which take on an artistic beauty as seen from space. As you can probably imagine, Jupiter's atmosphere (which is mainly made up of hydrogen and helium gas) is incredibly turbulent.

Some of the storms are even large enough to fully swallow planet Earth!


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