Couple returns home after California wildfire and finds their dog waiting for them

The California wildfires have been an ecological disaster with over 85 lives lost and untold devastation to the wildlife and the homes of the people who live them. It’s been an incredible tragedy and any small happiness than can be found amid the destruction is a special treasure.

On Facebook, K9 Paw Print Rescue shared the story of a couple who returned to the ruins of their former home in Paradise, CA, to find their missing dog waiting for them!

When the couple was forced to flee, they were able to find one of their dogs but both the couple and animal rescuers couldn’t locate Madison. They were forced to flee heartbroken from the area, but rescuers told the family to leave a scrap of clothing with their for Madison to come back to. When they finally returned, they found Madison waiting for them!

I love a happy ending.

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