Why Everyone Should See the New Australian Documentary, "Kangaroo"


Kangaroos: They're a national symbol and a natural wonder. They're icons used in much of Australia's product branding. They're a major part of the Australian identity. We always considered them to be beloved aspects of life "down under," until now.

As it turns out, Kangaroos are largely maligned in Australia. Many consider them pests, or a lucrative commodity at best. Farmers want to eradicate them, big business wants to sell them... but does anyone want to preserve them? 

This week, the I Love Nature team had the good fortune to catch a screening of the documentary Kangaroo: A Love-Hate Story in NYC. It delivers cold, hard truths about the current state of the kangaroo, the animal's history, and its treatment in all corners of Australian society. 

Educational, heart-wrenching, and at times disturbing, the film seeks to provide a deeper understanding of the kangaroo controversy and its far-reaching implications. Yes, we definitely shed a few tears while watching, but we ultimately felt hopeful and galvanized to support the wellbeing of this magnificent animal.

Take a peak at the trailer below!

Kangaroo is a truly important film that examines divisive issues that intersect the natural, corporate, and governmental spheres. By the end of the film, you may find yourself asking "what animals do I consider to be 'pests'? What is my reasoning? Do I trust my government to protect my local ecosystems? Am I contributing to the preservation or destruction of life on this planet?"

We can't recommend this documentary enough! Check out the official website at kangaroothemovie.com, where you can view upcoming screening locations and support the Kangaroo project by donating.

Would you like to see Kangaroo: A Love-Hate Story? Let us know in the comment section below!