An Exciting New Leather Alternative ... You'll Never Believe What It's Made Out Of

Leather Made from Pineapple!?! Who knew? 

Leather Made from Pineapple!?! Who knew? 

A veteran of the leather industry, Carmen Hijosa from Spain was sent to the Philippines as an expert to help develop their leather industry. Upon arriving in the Philippines and working with the local communities there, Carmen began a journey that led her to creating a new fabric that can be used in place of leather. This innovative and sustainable product - that she named Piñatex™ - is a non-woven product made out of pineapple leave fibers. It took 7 years of research and development to create this revolutionary fabric. 

The fibers that are used to make Piñatex™ are the by-product of the pineapple harvest - and therefore, no additional water, land, fertilizers or pesticides were used to get them. In fact, this is an incredibly creative way of converting food waste into a new product. Because of this, a new avenue for earning additional income has been created for pineapple farmers. In addition, the by-product of the process of extracting the fibers from the leaves creates a biomass that can be turned into organic fertilizer or bio-gas, which creates yet another potential stream of revenue for the farmers. 

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Article by: Rajmani Sinclair, September 29, 2016