15-Year-Old-Boy Discovers Lost Mayan City Using Star Constellations and Satellite Images!

William Gadoury, a 15-year-old boy from Saint-John-de-Matha, Quebec, Canada has just presented his findings in his local science fair claiming that he has discovered a lost Mayan city in Mexico. 

William has had a deep interest in Mayan Civilization for many years- particularly in their city structures and location. William shared with CBS News that the land on which the Mayans chose to build many of their cities did not make much sense, resource-wise. This pushed him to ask the question - why? Why did they choose to build where they did? 

Knowing that the Mayans placed a lot of importance in astronomy, William decided to explore the possibility of linking the location of cities with the location of stars and constellations. After studying 22 Mayan constellations, William discovered that 117 of the stars in the constellations lined up with ancient cities on the map. He then noticed that one star in a constellation did not have a corresponding city. 

This led him to wonder - is there a missing city out there? 

Thus, in conjunction with the Canadian Space Agency, William was able to obtain satellite imagery of the location that suggests that his theory might be true. Underneath the dense green vegetation of the Yucatan, there is a hint of a square structure. Since linear shapes of this scope do not usually occurr in nature - it does appear that, with the help of some ingenuity, star maps, google maps and a satellite image, William has just discovered a long lost Mayan city. 

At this point, there are not plans to go and excavate the site, as it is very remote and difficult to get to. Williams findings will be published in a scientific journal and he has been invited to present this information to a scientific conference in Brazil next year. 

For now, William has decided to name the site: K'aak Chi - Mouth of Fire. 

Story by Rajmani Sinclair, May 12, 2016