Recent Jeff Bridge's Video has been Seen by Millions and has this Timely Message

If you were on Facebook at all last week, you might have noticed many of your friends sharing a video featuring Jeff Bridges called: "Open Your Eyes". In the video made by Plastic Pollution Coalition, Jeff Bridges shares about just how much plastic humans are using every day, and how that affects the health of the planet, and as a result, human and animal health. 

In the video, Jeff shares some startling facts about the truth of recycling and plastic. For example, did you know that Americans dispose of 88 thousand tons of plastic per day? That means Americans dispose of 176,000,000 lbs of plastic per day ... or for those of you on the metric system, it equates to roughly 80,000,000 kgs of plastic per day. If you can't quite picture what that would look like, it's about 6x the weight of the Brooklyn Bridge, 10x the weight of the Eiffel Tower, 10,000x the weight of an elephant. 

If throwing away 10 Eiffel Towers worth of plastic each day sounds like too much to you, here are some practical ways you can make a difference: 

  1. Carry reusable bags around with you so that when you go shopping 
  2. Carry things such as reusable water bottles and utensils with you 
  3. Say no to straws at restaurants
  4. Use tap or filtered water rather than bottled water
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In case you missed it, here it is:

Article by: Rajmani Sinclair, April 6, 2016