Amazing BBC Documentary Reveals How Plants Communicate with Each Other (Videos)

So, it turns out Darwin didn't have it all down. The theory that all plants are individual entities fighting for survival has since given way to the more credible school of thought that every tree and plant organism is connected to a vast, intelligent network. But what happens within this intricate network? Is there consciousness? Can plants really communicate?

Lucky for us, the BBCs extremely informative documentary How Plants Communicate & Think is here to answer these questions, and to take us on a journey into the "mind" of plants. You'll see just how alive plants really are, and how full of agency and resilience they can be. I mean, a plant that moves when you sing to it? That's incredible! It's a seriously edifying watch, and (for those of us with ADD,) it's less than an hour long! 

Watch the fascinating documentary below:

Still hungry for some tree knowledge? Take a peak at this 4-and-a-half minute video in which forestry professor Suzanne Simard reveals how trees and fungi interact and exchange energy with each other. Amazing stuff! 

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Author: Nate Morgan