If Nature Could Speak, This is What She'd Say. Witness this Stunning Call to Action (Video).

Conservation International has been talking to nature. What has she been saying? Well, lucky for us, CI has been spreading the word of nature in a deeply moving series of short films entitled Nature is Speaking

Below is one video form the series in which Academy Award winning actress Julia Roberts gives voice to Mother Nature. What she has to say may surprise you. Watch below:  

To take action, see more in this series, and take a fun quiz, click here. You can also view the other videos on YouTube:

Edward Norton is The Soil

Penélope Cruz is Water

Lupita Nyong'o is Flower

Kevin Spacey is the Rainforest

Ian Somerhalder is Coral Reef

Robert Redford is The Redwood

Lee Pace is Mountain

Liam Neeson is Ice

Harrison Ford is The Ocean

Joan Chen is Sky

Reese Witherspoon is Home

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Author: Nate Morgan