You'll Never Believe What This Packaging Material is Made out of!

Image: via Shutterstock

Image: via Shutterstock

If you guessed mushrooms, or rather, mycelium then you guessed right! An innovative company out of Troy, New York, called Ecovative started developing the product 10 years ago in 2006 when the founders - Eben and Gavin -  teamed up in a class called Inventor’s Studio to invent a new insulation material using agricultural waste and mycelium. 

On their website, you can read about Ecovative's mission: 

Ecovative’s core mission is to envision, develop, produce, and market Earth friendly materials, which, unlike conventional synthetics, can have a positive impact on our planet’s ecosystem.

We are committed to working with industry and consumers to rid the world of toxic, unsustainable materials. We believe in creating products that enable companies and individuals to achieve their sustainability goals, without having to sacrifice on cost or performance.

True to their mission, recently Joanna Yarrow, head of sustainability for Ikea in the U.K, made a statement to the press where she shared that Ikea is looking into using this packaging for their products. Another large company that uses Ecovative's packaging materials Dell. 

Whereas most packaging materials used today cannot be recycled with ease, if at all, the packaging developed and produced by Ecovative, can simply be thrown into one's garden where it will biodegrade within weeks. 

To create the packaging, Ecovative literally grows it. The packaging is made by taking clean agricultural waste, such as corn husks and then growing mycelium around it. To see it in action, look at the production process here, or check out this cool video: 

The best part is that Ecovative makes not only packaging, but they have developed many other important products made from mycelium as well, such as: MycoBoard, which can be used to make furniture, insulation and acoustic tiles, to name a few applications.

What an incredibly inspiring company!

Will you switch to mushroom packaging? 

Written by Rajmani Sinclair, October 14, 2016