Check out this secret building in England that looks like it came out of Middle-Earth. (Video)

Lord of the Ring fans rejoice. There is a remote building in England that looks like it came straight out of the shire.  According to FilmKnights from YouTube they have filmed there several times and they will not give out the location of it.

Here are some facts about the building:

-The building was built over a period of several years starting in the 1980's.

-It was initially a shed for the farmer to store hay and other supplies but over time he kept improving the structure as the farmer is also an artist.

-It took the farmer 11 years to get it to its present condition. It was never finished because the farmer sold it, due to a quarry opening up nearby and he did not want to live with the noise of big lorries all day long.

-It is not a building that was ever lived in but the room with stained glass windows called 'The Hermitage' was used by the farmer for wine and poetry evenings with his friends. He also used to sleep in the upstairs area during lambing season.

-The stained glass windows represent the four seasons, winter, spring, summer, autumn and the four elements, earth, air, fire and water.

-The building was constructed by initially using traditional dry stone walling methods followed by pouring concrete down the back of the walls for strength.

To give a sense of scale, the doors are normal sized doors. This is not a miniature house, it is full size. In a local newspaper interview the farmer said "I just got a bit carried away!"

What do you think? Would you complete the building and live in it?