Hiking Hacks! How to pack without breaking your back

With the leaves changing color, autumn is a beautiful time to go on a hike!

Whether you head out alone or with a group, it's important to pack for contingencies. You never know if there will be an unfortunate fall or if you will need to take a food break to recharge. But how do you prepare for the unpredictable and still keep your journey light?

At Inner Splendor Media we keep a kit of 9 hiking essentials on hand so we can gear up and go whenever the mood strikes! 

Read on for some of our favorites to pack that won't weigh you down.

#1. Water 

Hiking is so much fun that you may forget that you are actually exercising! It is important to pack enough water and hydrate throughout since drinking replenishes your body and helps keep your energy up. For more insight about what happens while you exercise click here.

#2. Toiletries  

Avoid the frustration of realizing you don't have a way to clean yourself up. Wet wipes, toilet paper and an antibacterial agent are a must to help you feel most comfortable. Also, pack an applicator-less tampon or two. Beyond their intended purpose, the absorbency of the cotton can be used for first aid. 

#3. First-aid kit

Not all surprises are good ones, and less so when you're not  prepared! A first aid kit can be small and still hold the basics such as, antibacterial cream, adhesive bandages, sterile gauze pads, and an elastic bandage, all to keep you safe. Be sure to include an ibuprofen pain reliever and both an oral and a topical antihistamine medication for close encounters of the poisonous kind. If you can, bring a leatherman pocket tool/pocket knife as well- it may come in handy!

#4. Skin protection

To keep off those pesky bugs and avoid those harmful rays, pack bug spray and sunscreen. Don't let the crisp air fool you, the sun is still damaging and a higher SPF will keep you safe.

#5. Accessorize

Dress in layers for fall weather. This can be especially important as your body temperature can fluctuate during your hike. And for that extra 'outfit oomph' that will also protect you from the sun, be sure to pack a hat and/or sunglasses. 

#6. Healthy Snacks 

[maybe instead recommend a favorite trail mix? or show a pic of something portable] Make sure to pack enough snacks that will sustain you and keep you feeling great throughout your hike! Some easy and delicious tricks are packing a small box of frozen mangoes and grapes, fresh apples and bananas, and throwing some raw almonds in a bag with raisins. 

#7. Phone

Don't forget to bring fully charged phone with you! It can become crucial to have a way to communicate when you are hiking, especially if you are out there alone. Most phones also have a GPS (even though you should be familiar with the trail beforehand) and a camera. If your phone does not have a great camera, pack one with you; it would be a shame to miss such beautiful shots! 

#8. Tunes

The serenity and beauty of nature is so much more enjoyable with proper music for accompaniment and motivation. A personal favorite from Inner Splendor Media is Most Relaxing Classical and Spanish Guitar Music Featuring Chris Wyton by Music for Deep Meditation. Check out the Inner Splendor Media music catalogue to add to your playlist of favorites! 

#9. A smile!

Hiking is a beautiful and magical experience that is enhanced when you have the proper gear and a healthy mindset. Share the love and let us know what you favorite thing about hiking is in the comments below!

Author: Gal Shyli Dayan