This Beautiful Polish Christmas Ad is Going Viral, and it Will Make You Cry! (Video)

The holidays can be an emotional time for all of us, and this commercial for online Polish auction service Allegro just made it even more emotional.

In the touching ad, an elderly Polish man receives that special delivery he's been waiting for: A book titled "English for Beginners." His journey into the English language proves to be heartwarming and humorous, and with the help of dozens of post-it notes and the support of his adorable dog, he finally gets the hang of some simple, conversational phrases.

But why is this sweet old man so dedicated to learning English this holiday season? Well, a grandfather's mission to reconnect with his family can start with just one new phrase (but hopefully not one he learns from an American film!) Thanks to the Warsaw-based agency Bardzo for creating this charming commercial.

Watch below:

 What did you think of the ad? And which language do you wish you could learn? Let us know in the the comment section below.

Happy holidays to you!  

Author: Nate Morgan