15 Festive Fingernails for the Christmas Season- Part 2!

Our last post showcasing some of the internet's most creative Christmas nail art was so popular that we decided to bring it back for round two! And with so many creative, colorful and unique designs to choose from, there'll be no lack of inspiration for your Holiday manicure this year. Make sure to click each picture for more info about each design, including tutorials. And let us know which look is your favorite in the comment section below. Enjoy! 

1. Elf

Who doesn't love this movie? If you're going to rep any of Hollywood's holiday flicks, this should be it! In the words of Elf himself, don't be a "cotton headed ninny muggins!" This one's a no- brainer. The tutorial linked to the pic is for a slightly different, but equally as fabulous look.

2. Ornaments 

Simple, sweet, and classy! This one will definitely earn you some compliments at your office's holiday party.

3. The Grinch

While there is much Grinch-inspired nail art out there, this is one of the sleekest, most adorable designs out of all of them. We love the green hand pilfering the red ornament! Nice touch and very true to the green man's sneaky antics.

4. Santa's Hat

This one is too cute, and anyone can do it! Try it as an accent nail for a more subtle look, or give all of your digits delightful santa hats!

5. Christmas Minions!

These little guys just make me wanna giggle!

6. Santa's Day

This easy, yet glamorous look is perfect for a holiday party out on the town. Slip on a black dress and rep Santa they stylish way!

7. A Charlie Brown Christmas

Just one of many great, Charlie Brown-inspired designs out there! We especially love this one for the sparkly blue background.

8. Reindeer

This look is good for any nail art novice, and has a playful vibe perfect for any family Christmas gathering.

9. Pure Gold

This irresistibly decadent manicure says "I'm glamorous and playful!"

10. A Hipster Christmas  

A muted, laid-back look for all the indie kids out there.

11. Christmas Pudding

Super creative, but more importantly- YUM! This design will definitely whet everyone's appetite for dessert! 

12. Santa and Rudolph

The classic dynamic duo make for a cheeky manicure that will be the envy of all your girlfriends!

13. Simple Snowflakes

You can't go wrong with a few lovely, lacy snowflakes!

14. Candy Cane Tips

The candy cane gives this look a stylish, french tip illusion that we can't get enough of. An easy but unique design for everyone!

15. The Nutcracker

This design may take more dedication and attention to detail, but it is certainly worth it! 

Author: Nate Morgan